Born and raised in Wrocław, Poland, Misha Martin first came across photography because of his grandfather, to whom taking pictures and filming was more than just a hobby – but not a profession either. Among few memories with his grandpa, Misha recalls installing a screen and projector and watching slides together. Given that this dates back to mid 90s, just a couple of years after Poland freed itself from the communist oppression, Misha's grandpa's collection of photographs and professional tools was truly a boast. Later in life, Misha himself tried photography while still in high school. After graduation, he worked as a bartender, event manager, and DJ, and all this allowed him to carry out his artistic activities through reportage and event photography. Having abandoned his big city life, Misha moved to an idyllic countryside in the heart of Polish mountains. The proximity of nature has inspired him to look at the surrounding world with an artistic insight. Away from the urban noise and disturbance, Misha began capturing wildlife, animals, nature, and landscape in uninterrupted circumstances, while also finding inspiration in the evolution of moment. In pursuit of perfect frames he is trying now to settle in cold and distant Iceland - where you can catch him now.


Being a self-taught photographer and having been taking pictures and filming for a few years now, I see my artistic approach as developmental. These days, my attention is divided into capturing a moment as well as letting it flow away. I pay attention to everyday ordinary activities of life and surrounding world, taking photographs of wildlife, landscape, animals, and people.

I seek undisturbed circumstances – rarely staged, always real and authentic. I am interested in un-weaving the endless evolution of moment, which to me has a multidimensional meaning.

I want to reveal the underlying truth about time and the constant change it brings, which usually remains overlooked or unnoticed. There is a definite difference between my still images and my films, but all my works are dedicated to a moment – whether as a stop motion or as a continuum.


Bronze in Landscape-Aerial on Tokyo International Photo Awards 2019

Gold in Landscape-Sunset on Tokyo International Photo Awards 2019

1st Prize in Wildlife on Vancouver International Movie Film Festival 2020 

Best Video in 5th Skypixel Anniversary Aerial Photo Video Contest 

Honorable Mention in Moscow International Photo Awards 2020

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